Frequently Asked Questions

When can we drive on the new driveway?
To maximise the life and look of your concrete, avoid putting cars on it for 7-14 days (the weather makes a big difference).

If you’re unsure, call Frank for advice. If your concrete is decorative and requires sealing, until sealed it’s more prone to permanent marks and stains. So stay off it (or as much as possible), until the sealing is done.

When will the decorative doncrete be sealed?
Usually concrete is sealed 7-10 days after pouring. Sealing requires a dry surface and ground temperature above 10 degrees. Until the concrete’s sealed, it will be porous and more susceptible to marking. Avoid walking or driving on it – dirt may leave a permanent stain once sealant is applied.

Will the concrete crack?
Yes. Cracking is a common characteristic of all concrete – as part of the drying process. Although AllWays Concrete will do everything possible to minimise unwanted cracking, we cannot guarantee random cracking will not occur.

There are standard techniques we can use to help minimise and manage any cracking – e.g. expansion cuts. These are done within a few days of pouring, providing a weak point where concrete can shrink and relieve strain at the join. Cracking is then directed into the cut, rather than occurring randomly. The expansion cuts will not threaten the structural integrity of your concrete.

Will the colour of the concrete be the same as the sample?
It will be very close but probably not exactly the same, due to different batches of concrete and differing weather conditions when the concrete is poured.

How can we maintain the look of decorative concrete?
Decorative concrete requires very little maintenance. You can help maintain the colour and appeal, by cleaning it regularly with either soapy water and a broom, or a water blaster. Always clean up oil or petrol spills as soon as possible. Products are available at hardware stores for removing more difficult stains.

Resealing your concrete every 2-3 years will help preserve the colour, protect the surface from impurities and maintain its glossy appeal. AllWays Concrete can provide resealing.

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